Soleil's Story

At the request of the Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Variety, the Children’s Charity jointly with Enabling Jersey, were delighted to be able to present a specialist trike to 5 year old Soleil Keelan who is a pupil at Mont a L’Abbe School and has physical and cognitive needs affecting her mobility.

Not only will this trike give her an enormous amount of pleasure, but as Soleil is learning to walk she also needs to develop the strength in her muscles. As Soleil grows the trike can be altered to meet her needs. Soleil’s mother said “The trike is going to make a huge difference to Soleil, for her wellbeing and her physical strength. It means that if her brother is going on a bike ride, then instead of being confined to a push chair, she can use her muscles, do some sport and do something herself with us only supporting her. There is also the facility to use the trike at school too.”
Chief Barker, Robyn Lapidus said “This specialist equipment is always comparatively expensive but this is the kind of thing that Variety loves to be able to do and we sincerely hope that this delightful little girl gets many years of pleasure and rewarding exercise with this trike”
Anyone wishing to help Variety with it’s work can do so either by offering to sponsor some equipment, or becoming a member or simply by making a donation. This can be done by telephoning 856937 any weekday morning. 
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