Variety Sailing Trust


The Variety Sailing Trust exists to provide sailing opportunities for disabled and underpriviledged children of all ages in Jersey. Each year, hundreds of local children are able to enjoy and benefit from the experience of going afloat under sail. 

Most of the young people of the Variety Sailing Trust come from special needs units such as Mont a L'Abbe and Les Amis together with adult groups from Health and Social Services. The majority of them have profound learning difficulties or health issues.

To continue to provide this opportunity to our young people, the Trust is reliant on donations, from both corporate and the public alike.

The Vernon Lilford Spirit of Variety

The Trust currently operate a 38 foot catamaran called "Vernon Lilford Spirit of Variety" which had been modified to allow disabled access. The yacht provides a stable and safe platform for people to enjoy an experience at sea.

The Variety Sailing Trust work in partnership with the States of Jersey to manage the yacht on a day-to-day basis and provide support in training skippers and crew.

The Crew

The Variety Sailing Trust was established through the Royal Court of Jersey in 1993. The States of Jersey Youth Service had successfully chartered a modified catamaran called "Sealegs" during that same year and was overwhelmed by the response from disabled people wishing to experience sailing. As a result, the Youth Service set about forming a Trust and, by 1994, sufficient funds were raised to purchase the Trust's first yacht, an Event 34 catamaran called "Spirit of Variety". This yacht was named in response to a large part of the funding coming from Variety, the Children's Charity, something which continues to this day. 

At Dusk!

Over the next twelve years or so, this yacht completed thousands of miles cruising with the disabled and underpriviledged. With 25 disabled sailors, this yacht took part in an ocean crossing from Jersey to St Lucia in the Caribbean in 1999. 

Eventually, the Trust wore this yacht out! So, once again they began the task of raising the funds for a replacement. Largely thanks to a generous donation from the Late Elder Statesman Lord Vernon Lilford's estate, in 2007 the Trust were able to purchase their current yacht, a Broad Blue 385 named "Vernon Lilford Spirit of Variety".


If you would like further information or to contact the Variety Sailing Trust, please email or call the Variety Office on 01534 856937.

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