Past Chief Barkers, Lady Presidents and Citation Recipients



Past Chief Barkers

Past Lady Presidents

Past Citation Recipients

2018Sandra AucklandBarbie Bucholtz-
2017Robyn LapidusMary Moody-
2016Robyn LapidusMary Moody-
2015Sandra AucklandMary MoodyJim Trickey
2014Sandra AucklandMary Moody-
2013Sandra AucklandMary Moody-
2012Robyn LapidusSylvia DenneyDavid Lapidus and Colin Phillips
2011Robyn LapidusSylvia DenneySandra Auckland
2010Robyn LapidusSylvia DenneyJim Rotherham
2009Robyn LapidusSylvia DenneyJeanette Pinel
2008Jim RotherhamJeanette PinelChris Robin
2007Jim RotherhamJeanette PinelFrank Falle
2006Chris RobinBarbie BuchholzRalph Mauger
2005Jim RotherhamJeanette PinelJersey Artistes Monday Club
2004Jim RotherhamJeanette PinelBarbie Buchholz
2003Robyn LapidusEileen AttenboroughBruce Deane
2002Leonard DayEileen AttenboroughRobyn Lapidus
2001Henry CrenanSandra AucklandRobert Philp
2000David LapidusSandra AucklandPeter Philp
1999Colin PhillipsSimone MathewDick Ray
1998Barry MelvinPeggy RayPhilip Crane
1997Robyn LapidusBarbie BuchholzLeonard Day
1996Mike HamonBarbie BuchholzDes Pinel
1995Jim RotherhamSimone MathewDouglas Tredant
1994Leonard DayPam MaugerGraham Lumb
1993John PerkinsLesley Portch-
1992Cyril LaneJoan Williams-
1991Ralph MaugerMargaret FarleyWilliam Davies
1990Bruce DeaneMaureen TaylorPaul Wagner
1989Douglas TredantDonelda Guy-
1988Paul WagnerJoan Carre-
1987Jim RotherhamJoan Williams-
1986David LapidusBarbara Leonard-
1985Rt. Hon. Lord Vernon LilfordPam Cooper-
1984Philip CranePam AdamsDonald Hoare
1983David MacEwenKitty, Lady Stanley of Alderley-
1982Harry LapidusJoan CarreDavid MacEwen
1981Harry LapidusPam Hoare-
1980Dick RayPaula Davies-
1979Frank DormandPaula Davies-
1978Dannie WilliamsJoan Williams-
1977Geoffrey EdwardsJoan Williams-
1976David MacEwen--
1975William Davies--
1974Donald Hoare--
1973H. George Evans M.B.E.--
1972H. George Evans M.B.E.--
1971Cyril Tanguy--
1970Max Bernstein--
1969Leonard Matchan--
1968Leonard Matchan--

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