The Crew

Meet The Crew

The Crew look after the strategic direction of Variety, the Children's Charity, and all committees and volunteers report to the Crew. Comprising members who have proved themselves committed and valuable to the charity, the Crew meet once a month.

2017 Crew

Chief Barker
Robyn Lapidus

1st Assistant Chief Barker
Sandra Auckland

2nd Assistant Chief Barker
Chris Robin

Property Master
Des Pinel

Dough Guy
Dermot Boylan

Press Guy
Michael Hamon

Lady President, Ladies of Variety
Mary Moody

2017 Chairmen

"500" Club Draw
Bernie Manning

Annual Ball
Robyn Lapidus and Sandra Auckland

Graham Lumb and Paul Pinel

Christmas Collection
Robyn Lapidus and Graham Lumb

Equipment and Regalia
Graham Lumb

Robyn Lapidus, Sandra Auckland, Chris Robin and Andy Le Marquand

Gold Heart Campaign
Des Pinel and Clive Spurrier

Golf Day
Chris Robin

Governor's Walks
Frank Falle

I Served the Kids
Jeanette Pinel

Lunches, Speakers and Sponsors
Chris Robin and Andy Le Marquand

Chris Robin and Nigel Godfrey

Maufant Variety Youth Centre Liason
Sandra Auckland

David Lapidus

Motor Raffle
Chris Robin, Chris Abel and Andy Le Marquand


Three Bells Walk
Frank Falle

Transport and Sunshine Coaches
Clive Spurrier

Trustees of the Gouray Youth Centre Trust
Jim Trickey

Trustees of the Variety Sailing Trust
Bernie Manning and Graham Lumb

Variety at Work
Jeanette Pinel

Website and Digital Marketing
Paul Pinel

World Conference
Sandra Auckland

Young Star of the Year 2018
Sandra Auckland

If you would like further information or to contact anyone above, please email or call the Variety Office on 01534 856937.

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